Biarritz 1978

First holiday lovers. Wonderful memories most of the time. In 1978 I went to Biarritz with a friend of mine. We were 18 years old then, and had actually planned to go to Paris. We stayed there for a day but wanted to travel further. We decided to go to Biarritz. In the train we met two Swedish girls and they became our holiday lovers. We were excited and happy with this empire of new possibilities. I have written a poem about it. Here it is.



how we were roaming around  those days
… through ideas and landscapes and lovers
discovering the features of youth
in new talks near railway bridges in bordeaux
and in the tolerant sunlight of biarritz
where the sea waved and whirled like debussy

we kissed and loved the hours away
among the blue waters of curiosity
18 we were and what did we actually know?
so much was unrevealed to us
we were not aware of times to come
children to breed
university degrees to compete

we were breaking hours of passion as if it were waves
time had no dominion
and look there behind the veils of years
the four of us walking to a french station
in the enchanting sunlight
where the train was waiting to take the two of you
and the moment


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