2100 Punky Management

2100 Punky management is an innovative management concept. The last developments in management thinking are dominating the ideas and it will make more fun from working. 2100 Punky management is quite basic. The 2100 punky organisation (the Factory) has three hierarchic layers. The employees are called Members. They are mainly responsible for the Output of the 2100 Factory. They are the most important layer. Without them there is no output. Their work is operational; their instrument is the Process.

Because they are connected and always part of a bigger unit, they need coordinators (the Loaders) for the communication and for team balance (Club Balance). The Loaders take care for excellent communication lines to combine the Factory expectations with the Members reality. Loaders are the hot line between the Support & the Members and between the Units.

The Support is recognized in most organizations as the top. Not in the 2100 Factory. They are Supporting the Members and the Loaders to get a wonderful output. The Support will take care for a good PR, for good relations with poiitics and other organizations, for paying the wages, for a Supportive HR-machine & for all financial matters.

The Members, the Loaders & the Support are called the 2100 Punky Community. Their chairman is the 2100 Factory Leader. He is chosen every 3 years by the organization.

The wages of the Support, the Loaders & the Members may differ but absolutely not too much. Support Members may earn maximum 15% more than the Members. Loaders most of the time have 5% more than the Members. It is very important to have as few Loaders and Support Members as possible. The quality of their work should be excellent.

The 2100 Factory doesn’t know a traditional bonus system, but there is the 2100 Lottery which we shall explain later. This is a system that may be compared with bonus systems, but is more honest than the present bonus systems.

There is no salary scale system. More years is not automatically more money a month. Everybody will deserve as much money. But when the 2100 Factory has better results, the wages will rise. Everybody will share in profitable circumstances. And another attractive stimulator is the Lottery.

The base of the system is first of all cooperation and sharing and in the second place there is also competition, but it is important not to be that serious about competition. Sporting people are not hostile to their opponents. There is an interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together. Both are laughing and the atmosphere is pleasant. That is 2100 Punky Management. Competition is to be reduced, cooperation needs stimulation.

Creativity and innovation are important. And because art is important for fashion and marketing shapes of the 2100 Factory art is stimulated by the Factory. The same can be said about new technology & diversity. Diversity is important for innovation because innovation is Supported by different points of views and different approaches. Diversity encourages innovation.

New technology is green and ecologically sound. Engineers are stimulated to invent and use as much green means as possible. The 2100 Punky Management has an aversion to irresponsible organization behaviour. Every organization is a part of its environment and knows its responsibility in its society.

Performance reviews can only be done by Loaders and Supportmembers that have a relationship with the Members. They should know their people. Loaders and Supportmembers who don’t have that relationship are not able to do performance reviews. The reviews are always about concrete situations. Every half a year a Member, Loader and Supportmember is receiving feedback from 5 other Members.

If Performance Reviews are negative for 3 times in succession the Factory will help the Member to get another job. When people are mobbing, intimidating or agressive they are dismissed. Loaders and Members are both responsible for protecting each other in the Factory. That is why it is called a Punky Community. Punks are protecting each other on the streets. When the environment is socially safe, mobbing and intimidating are reduced.

Projects and administration are reduced to a minimum in the 2100 Factory. Data registration needs to be smart and bureaucracy is considered as a horrible excrescense of uselessness, The 2100 Factory is always concentrated on project minimalisation and registration diet.

Projects and reorganizations should be simplified as much as possible. In many organizations is the project way too dominant. 2100 Punky Management is very critical to the creation of project teams fo everything. If a project is necessary, it is okay, but it is better when it can be done by the Members of the 2100 Factory without creating a project.

2100 Factory Project teams are very small teams. One projectcoordinator cooperates with a small group of Members. The project belongs to daily business and there are no special meetings. Things are initiated and evaluated in the usual meetings. People get additional relevant information about a project by mail and social media.

Actually only the financial side of the 2100 Factory is registrated, but wasting paper is avoided. If a Club’s result is low Loaders and Supportmembers will do interviews and investigations. (A club is a Factory team or a Factory Unit). Financial data are nothing in itself. They are a reason for investigation.

Registration and measurement don’t ‘do’ anything. They are leading to stress and impulsive management behaviour and they cost a lot of money. It is important to know what is happening in the Clubs of the 2100 Factory and to initiatie immediate action in stead of creating big reports to impress the CEO.

Human Resource Management needs to be Supportive and not leading.  It won’t replace management in the 2100 Factory. Loaders and Members are asking for the Support they need. Human Resource Management is not a part of the 2100 Factory. It is an external service.

Absence through illness is not a HRM-matter but is a Members and Loaders responsibility.  They have a warm and close contact during a Member’s or a Loader’s illness. The period of the absence will be predicted on the first day by the ill Member or Loader. Honesty is an important value.

Members, Loaders and Supportmembers are all responsible for the process and they know and show it. Measurements and administrative garbage should be considered critical and reduced. The 2100 Factory celebrates every month ‘a day without administration’.

Board- and Supportmeetings are broadcasted by social media. This is encouraging transparancy and openness. There are no secrets in the 2100 Factory. Members and Loaders are taken serious as grown op people and are not treated as children. This is what we call True Transparancy.

Creativity and innovation are neglected for many years in the competitive business world. In the 2100 Punky Community it will have a central position. Especially in combination with green technologies. 2100 Punky Management is making space and time for creativity and innovation. But creativity and innovation have a meaning: they improve the output and products of the 2100 Factory.

Projectplans should be simplified. No big project teams but as few people as possible: 1 projectcoordinator who is cooperating with the Factory employees. Meetings are reduced to as minimal hours as possible. Relevant project information is communicated in a weekly e-zine and internal social media.

Food is more than the sum of fats and carbohydrates. Likewise people are more than the sum of their competencies. You can’t cut behaviour into pieces or chunks as if it is meat. Punky management will observe applying candidates 3 days on the shop floor. If there is a good match with the club, the candidate will be adapted as a new employee.

Measurement of behaviour is subjective and neuro sciences and bio psychology are not that developed that they can deliver an objective behaviour measurement yet. So only measurable aspects will be measured (includes productivity, absence and costs). Figures are a reason to investigation. Measurement tools should be intelligent and up to date.

Predictions of expenses and investments are realistic. If they are not, something is wrong with the prediction method. Many methods seem to devide reality into 4 or 5 steps. When consultants tell you that you are in step 3 of the change process, they want you to observe reality from their metaphores and perspective. A model or a plan in steps is always a methaphore. There is nothing wrong with employees who want to work within planning and structure, but it is quite important to control the effect of their ideas on the result.

Measurement of health-related absenteeism (HRA) is a tool and not more than that. In the future we don’t need many financial employees. Much can be done with advanced technical systems like financial robots and creative registration computers. Almost all financial transactions should be done with IT. The loaders and the clubs (of employees) can do this all by themselves.

Measurement of health-related absenteeism (HRA) is not necessary. Production figures are much more interesting. HRA doesn’t need to be measured. Clubs know the reason for low production and if this is the illness of some people in the club they are aware of this. Clubs are responsible with their loaders for production.

People are responsible for their personal contribution to the result. They know that the result of their club is dependent on this contribution. Unnecessary measurements with a bunch of administrative information are reduced. This is called measurement optimalization. The 2100 Factory will organize 12 adminstration free days a year.

Loaders and coordinators havef Supporting rolls. If their clubs don’t have a good result, they are told this by the Support. They share the information with the members of the club, the employees.

The 2100 Punky Factory is functioning in competitive environments. And so do soccer clubs and music bands. A band doesn’t survive if there is no interest in their music. So does the 2100 Punky Factory. The result is quite important to survive. Together with other factories the 2100 Punky Factory will create a more human context and find new ways to synergy. The market can become a place of cooperation. As long as this is not the case, survival strategies are important.

The Factory has the ambition to make stakeholders from its members. The relationship with competitors is like the relationship between the healthy soccer Supporters. Factory members are socially engaged and they concern are involved in making the world a better place.

Complaining is no option within the Factory. If there are complaints the Factory Members will go to the responsible persons. Gossip will not be taken serious. If people don’t say what their complaints are nothing can be changed. Feedback is always welcomed as an organization tool.

Basic Factory principals are simplicity, efficiency, striving for a good result in a good social atmosphere and green innovation. A good relationship between members, loaders, clubs and the Support have a high priority.

The Factory is green. It will welcome new ‘clean’ technology, diversity & an honest form of employment and competition. 2100 Punky Management is green future based management. It won’t accept cheap labour.

Working at home is a good solution for traffic and pollution problems. Surroundings are modifying our perceptions. When the world is a more healthy place people will feel better. An open atmosphere will contribute to this as well. This is why the Support, the loaders and the members are open about their strategies. They are doing what they are saying and they are saying what they are doing.

The main concern of the Factory is the quality of the product, the attraction of a distinguishing package of the product and the selling of the product. That’s what matters more than competition. People have thought for a long time that the market is a battlefield where survival of the fittest was the main principle.  This is only the case if we make ourselves a battlefield from the market.

Let’s concentrate on the beauty, attraction and necessity of our products, the new technology that we use to produce them and a charming and fashionable presentation of the product.

Leaders who are not in the Support are called loaders. They ‘load’ the members. They help them to keep up their motivations. They are responsible for the communication between the Support and the members. There is only one layer between the support and the members, no matter how big the Factory is. There is also a group of coordinators but these are members.

If the Facory is growing, they can build other plants, but those plants are new Factories and have their own structure and responsibility. If one plant will decide to support another plant this will be considered as a deed of altruism. For result meetings the support of the factories will join. There is no central authority than the sum of the Factory Supports. If one plant is bankrupt it will finish its activities.

Strategies will be developed in the open. The foundation for a strategy is always clear for the members of the society. There are logical reasons for the design of strategies. The market or the cost may be a reason or new ways of cooperation, but strategies are created in the open, and there is no surprise for the members in a new strategy. A condition is that they should understand it.

The Factory is a community, but a commercial community. So it is important to survive economically. So it is a commercial and surviving community with the ambition of a soccer team that wants to win the Champions League.

The Factory has no intention to destroy its competitors. There is a sportive attitude towards the competitors within the Factory. If there is a possibility to cooperate the Factory will cooperate.

The Factory needs: production means, packages, marketeers, IT-engineers, distribution employees, controlers and financial experts. Factory members will strive for good relationships with their suppliers. Suppliers will get a reasonable price for their products.

Psychometric tools will be assessed critical. Do they really measure something concrete, and are they objective? Probably not always. Psychological instruments that don’t measure in an objective way, will be thrown away.

People are what they do. Whatever they are telling  about themselves, their way of acting and their deeds are telling us more. There must be some kind of connection between someone’s deeds and someone’s stories about himself.

The Factory has a bonussystem. It is called the Lottery. 10% of the members can earn extra money when they are personal responsible for a better result. Every three months there is a Lottery.

The Lottery is arranged by the Jury. Members will nominate colleagues to win a Lottery bonus prize. The Jury will select the candidates and will also determine the distribution of money and the height of the amount pro winner. The Jury contains people who are not working within the Factory to avoid favouritism.

The Lottery is called Lottery because it is impossible to predict the Jury results. The Jury will change every 3 months. Jury members will receive a compensation. Their are 7 Jury Members. They are working in other organizations. The 7 Jury members are working in different layers of the organization. For instance: a jury can consist of a bricklayer, a controler, a marketeer, a truck driver, a teacher, a brewer and a CEO. Hierarchy is not important.

The jury will judge who will get the bonus. The candidates are nominating 20 candidates. 7 candidates will receive a bonus. They are called LLL’s (lottery lucky lions). The cases to judge are described by 4 Factory contactmembers. Bias is avoided. If there is corruption the jury and their contactmembers will be replaced.

It is embarrassing  for the Factory when its members are looking shabby because there are to big differences between the wages. There must be an honest distribution of the financial result

Creativity, humour sense and health is stimulated by the 2100 Punky Management Factory. Vulnerability and insecureness are accepted as moments of reflection to stimulate the progress of the club’s social process and results. Insecure and vulnerable people can be good members. Not everyone have to be strong.

Jalousy, enjoyment of power and attracting attention can be sources for manipulative strategies and delays in meetings. All human beings have their moments of weakness, and nobody is perfect. It is important to make it a subject of discussion when it appears.

2100 Punky Management is different from marxism. It accepts the free market. But it considers the market to be a sport league with sportive and social rules. And there is always respect for your competitors. The market is a playground.

2100 Punky Management contributes to individual development and team (club) development. It stimulates technological innovation and free enterprise. Members can be free lancers when they want. The output is: a good result and this is a principle of the free market.

Development doesn’t have to lead to a higher job or more money. More money is not always: more hapiness as we have seen in the crisis.

©  2012, Bert Overbeek


4 gedachtes over “2100 Punky Management

  1. Bedankt voor dit inkijkje in de managementfilosofie voor de toekomst.

    De nieuwe generaties zal het aanspreken. Ik ben benieuwd hoe de bestaande “oudere” generaties omgaan met de omwenteling naar 2100 Punky management.

    Maar dat wordt voor mij de uitdaging om mijn team daarin mee te krijgen.

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